Future Leaders

As we headed into our seventh presentation of A Passage to China at Mall of America we were excited to have a small corps of young volunteers staffing some of our activities table: a new initiative for us. Who better to interact with children than someone their own age or slightly older? Ten-year-old Chris was eager to show his peers how to mold heads of terra cotta warriors. Recently arrived from China, he interacted easily with children from all cultural backgrounds (Asian Indian, African Somalis, Hispanics, and native Minnesotans and all), no English proficiency needed. Ninth-grader Zoe and tenth-grader Summer were so busy working at the print table (this year’s most popular activity) that they barely had time to greet each other before children descended on their table. For the next three hours they were individually so busy helping an endless stream of children that they never had a chance to chat. This printing activity, the first to highlight the fact that printing was first invented in China, showcased, with the aid of a Gelli printing plate, many of the quintessential emblems in Chinese art: the horse (this being the Year of the Horse), the ginkgo leaf (integral part of Chinese herbal medicine), or the bamboo stand (the Chinese painter’s perennial goal.)

In the meantime, Zoe’s younger sisters, Lydia and Anna, saw to it that the tables in the eating area were kept in good order. Across the Rotunda, thirteen-year-old Caroline handled the role of mentor with the ease of a veteran. To the Passage Committee, the lesson from these young volunteers is clear: they are our future leaders. Provide youngsters with an engaging environment and they will thrive. Encourage them in volunteerism and they will give back ten fold. Offer them a chance to be the ambassadors of their own culture and they will shine. We have seen our future and it is them.

This year Passage also expanded into a new space in the Southeast Court of the Mall. We showcased two exciting and informative exhibits. The first one, created by China Center at the University of Minnesota, consisted of 10 panels commemorating 100 years of Chinese students at the University. The second one, curated by our very own style maker, Yin Simpson, displayed court costumes, as well as costumes of citizens and ethnic minorities, in China in the last two centuries. They were graciously loaned to us by Minesota Chinese Dance Theatre, U MN Chinese Scholars and Students Association, Margaret Wong, and Yin Simpson.  Gracefully draped on versatile stands, these costumes enticed visitors into the exhibit space and linger. This fashion exhibit also caught the eye of the local TV stations: three of them featured our fashions in the three days leading up to our opening! You can catch them here:




Over in Sears Court various cultural performances held sway throughout the two days of Passage. Many more school children (another good sign) participated than before. Nothing warmed the hearts of the elders more than to see young children merrily singing away in Chinese, or dancing traditional Chinese dances. It was the nonchalant ease with which they performed that brought a smile to an elder’s face. And as always, the drums of the lion dancers got everyone’s attention and put everyone into a festive mood. They are truly the Chinese equivalent of a trumpet fanfare.

The multi-faceted nature of our offerings and our annual residency at Mall of America had helped to generate anticipation and excitement among festivalgoers.  Each morning they were lined up outside our gates waiting patiently for us to open, and many lingered inside long after we were officially closed at 5 o’clock in the evening.

Passage, a volunteer-driven festival, owes its success to the participation of 54 organizations, a hard working Planning Committee and an army of volunteers. We send a heart felt thank you to you all and see you the first weekend in April in 2015!

Passage Committee

Ken Lau
Gary Lee
Greg Hugh
Yin Simpson
Zhen Zou
Margaret Wong
Pearl Bergad
Ming Li Tchou
Paul Chen
Cari Lee
Michelle Cao
Henry Han
Ben Torell
Whitney Clark
Mary Yee
Michelle Lee
Will Ahern 
J.C. Wang

Arts Subcommittee

Gary Erickson
Ying Liang
Angie Brain

Participating Organizations

Asian Creations

Breck School

CAAM Chinese Dance Theater

Carleton College Chinese Music Ensemble

Carleton College Singers

ChinaSprout Inc.

Chinese American Academic and Professional Association in Minnesota 

Chinese American Association of Minnesota (CAAM)

Chinese American Ballroom Dance Association and Dance With Us America

Chinese Musical Gallery 

Chinese Social Service Center

CIAC Travel Inc.

Concordia Language Villages

David Fong's Lion Dance Team

Dragon Festival

Dragon Gate School of Tai Chi Chuan

Families with Children from Asia

Gary Erickson

Golden Leopard Martial Arts Center

Green Dragon Kung Fu

Ha Family Entertainment and Family Troupe

Hongde Lion Dance Association

Hopkins Xin Xing Academy

Hui's Lucky Dragon Dance

Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy

Legacy Adult Day Care Chorus

Legacy Performing Art Studio

Little Swan Dance Studio

Mandarin Links LLC (student performance)

Mingzhou Hua Xia School

Minhua Chorus

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Minneapolis Plum Blossom Kung Fu School

Minnesota China Friendship Garden Society

Minnesota Chinese Dance Theater

Minnesota Minghua Central School

Minnetonka Public Schools

MN Historical Society

Muzi Youth Chorus/Li Lei Music Studio

Pak Mei Athletic Association

Panda Express

Stages Theatre

Tea Garden

Ting James Kong Studio

Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center

Twin Cities Go Club

U MN China Center

U MN Confucius Institute 

US China Business Connections

US-China People's Friendship Association, MNChapter

Wei Ming Chiang Studio

Xu Qian Studio

Yang Ye Tai Chi

Yinghua Academy



Demi Madison           

Mary Chen     

Summer Ahern

Will Ahern

Luke Audette

Cindy Bai

Heather Ball

Danling Cai

Audrey Chan

Ivy Chang

Carmen Chen

Jing Chen

Ye Cheng


Wenyun Dong

Christina Erickson

Todd Erickson

Bernice Folz

Walter  Graff

Katy Guo

Jill Huang

Henry Han

Jijun He

John Ho

Eric Hsu

Jo Hui

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Yin Jiang

Kaishan Kong


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Jane Mahowold

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Liying  Shi

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Steve Tsai

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Elliott Weiler

Elizabeth Wilcox

Nathalie Wilson

Dominic Wong



Amanda Wooden

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Bingwen Yan

Flora Yang

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